“When we learn about the past we gather strength for the future”

Hank Smith

If you are looking for your Irish ancestors, the Irish Censuses are often a good starting point, followed by Birth, Marriage, and Death records or, if you are searching for relatives in times long past, the Parish Registers. Below are links to the free tips from the professionals of Genealogy.ie for researching these.

Irish Censuses
BMD Certs
Parish Registers

If you are based in or visiting Dublin, these are the main archives and libraries of interest for the family historian. Genealogy.ie provide addresses, links to websites, what you can find in which collection, and free tips for your research.

Valuation Office
National Library
Registry of Deeds
National Archives
Professional Help


Free Magazine

Genealogy.ie publishes a completely free magazine. Genealogy.ie Magazine contains interesting articles and pictures and tells you something about research they have done, gives tips, contains background articles, and more.

The magazine is published twice a year. You can subscribe to this magazine by following this link:



Below you will find a collection of short posts about Irish Genealogy, Irish History, and many other things Irish. Some are useful, some interesting, some are just entertaining.

These posts are provided by Genealogy.ie, the Irish Family History Specialists.